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Start Growing Spiritually Get Healthy ♥ Become Happy ♥ Start Thriving

At Old Soul U, we offer classes that teach you the principles and practices to help you grow spiritually, take control of your life, and start thriving.

the parh to spiritual truth at old soul university

Spiritual Growth & Awakening

Spiritual Growth is the process of Rediscovering Your Spirit. Your Spirit has three dimensions

  • Your Spirit-Self
  • Your Spirit for Living
  • Your Spirit Guides & Teachers.

Once you rediscover and can connect with all three, on-command, you Awaken Spiritually and life becomes a daring adventure, and the world your oyster.

I'm TS Hall—the Stoic Medium

I've taught others How To Rediscover Spirit since 1990. After teaching thousands of classes, I created Old Soul U to teach what I call The Green Jade Path to Spiritual Awakening. The Green Jade Path is the quickest way I've found to grow spiritually and experience a spiritual awakening.


The enemy of spiritual truth are the delusions of the outward senses.

But Spiritual Awakening Has An Enemy

There exists a barrier between you and the Spiritual Answers you seek — a villain as old as time itself. The villain is DELUSION — specifically the delusions of your outward senses.

Anyone walking a spiritual path has entered into the strange and mysterious sub-culture of myths, superstitions, lore, dogma, and practices. It's a path many seekers travel, but few ever master.


choose spiritual growth and awakening at Old Soul U

It's Time To Choose

You've been seeking answers and your spiritual quest led you here.

You can choose to start now at Old Soul U to see if the The Green Jade Path to a Spiritual Awakening will reveal to you the answers you're seeking, or you can continue your quest elsewhere. The choice is yours and yours alone.

The only thing we know for sure is that regardless your choice, eventually you will find answers. Whether it's during this lifetime or maybe the next.

But now, choose you must.